Wall Street Training ("WST") provides professional financial training solutions through hands-on classroom training and customized corporate training programs. All of our courses take a hands-on, interactive, practical approach.

At WST, we're helping financial services firms, government agencies, and colleges & universities keep pace with emerging market trends and the increasingly diverse needs of the consumer. After over a decade we're more capable than ever of providing a complete skill-set for financial analysts across a variety of industries.

Our university program has helped many students prepare for the rigors of the workplace by providing them with real-world experience before they enter their jobs. Last year we trained over 10,000 students across the globe in a wide variety of topics ranging from basic fundamentals to highly specialized analysis.

We created this competition to allow university students to gain practical, real-world experience in the financial services industry during their academic semesters. WST firmly believes that the application of classroom theory is critical for students to understand what is needed to succeed during their internships and in their careers.

The structure of the Competition is designed to give students the opportunity to gain relevant financial services experience and to promote skill-sets that are essential for success in the workplace including,

  • Teamwork

  • Financial and Business Analysis

  • Communication Skills

  • Professionalism